man u!!

May 7, 2007 at 8:19 pm (randoms)

yes!! man u has finally won the league. heh i guess it sorts of make up for the disappointment of the champion leagues exit, but i was half-expecting them to get knocked out by AC Milan anyway. i think they’ll really need a big game player like TORRES to get them all the way to the finals in future.

i had a lot of fun playing soccer at ngee ann poly on sunday with brian, eddison, wilson lim and friends! the street soccer court there is quite nice to play on. i think i’ll play again this sunday!

anyway, im really taking part in everything for my unit. lol i just finished 110m hurdles today and 200m heats at the track meet today, and im going to be involved in tug-of-war too! we’re already through to the semi-finals.

i’ve finally finished uploading the laos photos! put it up with the links on the right.


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  1. kayleigh said,

    hello fren! upload zoo photos! :D im still not uploading my laos photos.. 153 hours is too long for me. :P ALL THE BEST for medicine admissions too! =) though u probably want UK more anw. haha =)

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