May 12, 2007 at 2:23 pm (randoms)

haha i cant believe i topped my class for the technician mcq theory test when i didnt even study, cos no one knew there was a test. 78 percent! well but there’s still a practical test coming monday which im hundred percent sure im going to 

had tug-of-war training on friday. it was quite fun! but super tiring. there are many different strategies, such as checking where you just hold on and try not to lose ground, or pulling where coordination and timing is critical. im the front man, cos i have the best balance. supposedly, if i slip, we’ll lose, according to the staff sergeant. but i think i sort of got the technique! its kind of more skill then strength involved, and as the front guy u just have to learn how to dig in well.

after that we went to dhoby gaut for dinner at subway! went lanning for a while at paradis, then i caught the last train home from bugis at 1145.  i planned the outing…its so much easier to plan the class outings..i think 2so3t is dead! haha.

ok im off to church to teach my p3 tuition class now, and i’ve gotta think of a way to explain to them why a seed is alive :s i hope we get to play soccer again at ngee ann poly tmr!


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