planet shakers at expo

June 15, 2007 at 2:21 pm (randoms)

ok this is my second time attempting to use my dads handphone to blog! haha somehow ive become too lazy to blog on my comp when im at home, so here i am…anyway im on my way to watch some christian band concert at expo now. my friend had extra complimentary tickets. its quite far away, but i heard they are really i decided to go down for a look.

some laos people went down to plaza sing to watch shrek 3 last friday. which was a really really long time ago, i know. haha i enjoyed the movie a lot! and i especially love gingabread man and puss in boots! i hope they get their own standalone movies soon. the part where the gingerbread man had a flashback of his life cos he thought he was going to die was super retarded and funny.

ok on one last irrelevant note, i realised that im happy when im able to make people happy! too bad im not able to do that that often anymore…but yeah! i like making people happy! hahahahah. ok that was really quite irrelevant, even by my own standards…and i do realise that using a handphone to blog causes me to form ridiculously short sentences.


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