hot fuzzzzz!

June 23, 2007 at 11:11 pm (randoms)

i went for a class dinner and movie yesterday night at orchard! haha quite successful going by past standards; me bryan jaryl leong hao and selene went. anyway, i enjoyed catching up with them! we had a quick dinner at lido, before catching the only “common denominator” movie hot fuzz! haha the movie was really quite good; it had action comedy and horror all rolled into one. brit humour mostly which was a refreshing change from your usual average hollywood movie. but some parts of the movie were quite gory and there were some BOO! moments which made me scared.

i went to bishan before that to collect my cert. and i popped by NTUC to stock up on my snacks for OCS at the same time. haha i saw a couple of familiar faces there! oh and i spent 30 bucks at crystal jade on lunch by myself. i cant believe it. but i did.


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  1. imaginedream said,

    i also watched hot fuzz WHY COPY ME?!? :SSS HAHAHAHAHA brainless daily recaps once upon a time.

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