field camp!

July 28, 2007 at 6:37 pm (randoms)

just came back from field camp yesterday at tekong. it was alright i guess, didnt particularly enjoy it either. i got really dirty though. 4 days of yucky camo on and proning around in muddy water. somehow im always the one doing the casualty evacuation. haha maybe cos im crazy. the moment the instructor says casualty down i just drop my stuff and fireman-carry the guy. the worst i’ve done so far was 92 kg, but this time round was not as bad; the first guy was 65 kg and the second guy was only 58 kg. lol. my friends think im mad cos i run while carrying the casualty.

dont really know where my life is headed at the moment, just going along with the flow i guess..heh. where ever God leads me. 8 km run coming up on MONDAY.

im going to watch transformers at vivo later with my sis! haha maybe ill get to shop around abit after that i needta splurge my stupid money.


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