July 30, 2007 at 7:10 am (randoms)


wow! transformers was really super nice like everyone else said. haha i enjoyed it alot. the robots and cars were damn cool. and i enjoyed the storyline and action too. we got super good spiffy seats right in the centre of the cinema cos my sis booked tickets. the vivo gv grand cinema is pretty comfy! shall go there to watch more movies in future.

anyway, im quite tired of routine at the moment. i never liked routine to begin with. and the thing is ARMY IS ALL ABOUT ROUTINE. book out book in book out book in fall out fall in yes sir no sir. bummer booking in at 10pm tonight. at least next week is pretty good, that is if my section instructor doesnt come and find trouble with me like he has been doing for the whole of the past one month. which has made my cadet course much less enjoyable than it could have been. it hasnt exactly done much to change my character for the better yet either. im still as rotten to the core as i was last time. maybe worse.

haha i wish i could just like hop onto a plane and go back to japan tmr!


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