August 2, 2007 at 1:20 pm (randoms)

haha actually ocs is quite slack. im having fun in sierra cos its more interesting than what i would have been doing as a technician even though i book out much lesser. for example we are having metador and m203 live shoot tmr! i think that it’ll be pretty fun.

there was some happy hour thing we had yesterday as well complete with bbq, guitar and songs, but the food was unhealthy so i enjoyed the music more. one of my friends is damn good with the guitar! and he could play all my favourite songs like blind, super massive black hole and time of your life. im going to force him to teach me. haha.

tomorrow im having an xray at 2pm at cnpb. i think i cracked my right tibia. which is probably bad news. im booking out after that though.

alright im off for my afternoon nap now got IPPT later on! goodnight! :)


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