class outing

September 9, 2007 at 11:36 am (randoms)

went out with the class today at marina square! haha the turn out was not bad considering that i organised it while at platoon field camp. marilyn bryan selene jaryl leong hao ngiap aiwern barry philip and anqi. we played pool and futsal a while first. futsal was q fun! after that we went for dinner at kenny rodgers. amazing that i wasnt sick of it after gorging myself there during wing cohesion just one month ago on cheesy macaroni and potato salad.

we went to harry’s at esplanade after that to watch the All Blacks vs Italy. quite a bad experience cos of the stupid waitress who had a really bad attitude and kept trying to chase us out cos we only ordered one jug of drink (for like 70 bucks, mind you). the drink sucked! haha it was marilyns suggestion. or maybe i just cant stand the taste of alcohol i dont know which. the service sector in singapore really cant compare to japan’s. anyway the All Blacks were trashing Italy. haha when i left it was already like 67 – 14.

after that i took a cab home and dropped off selene an qi marilyn at clementi mrt on the way. hmm was talking to the cabbie for abit and turned out he was an armoured officer! sure didnt look like one though. which sort of made me wonder cos i sort of had this glorified stereotypical impression of officers.

quote of the day from brian tian our resident loser haha.

2 is the new 10 eats hamsters for lunch

`zhOngmiN//.[intothedarkness.angelsordevils.lifehouse.hotfuzzz! says:u eat hamsters??

`zhOngmiN//.[intothedarkness.angelsordevils.lifehouse.hotfuzzz! says:what is wrong with u man

`zhOngmiN//.[intothedarkness.angelsordevils.lifehouse.hotfuzzz! says:haha

`zhOngmiN//.[intothedarkness.angelsordevils.lifehouse.hotfuzzz! says:so loser

2 is the new 10 says:eating hamsters is a sign of my manhood


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