seafooooood @ eastcoast!

December 23, 2007 at 1:00 am (randoms)

crap wordpress just happily deleted my entry so im going to do everything in point form.

1. dinner

went for dinner with my mom’s extended side at no signboard seafood restaurant. total bill added up to a thousand, so it was kind of pricey. but the cold dish lobster, horfun and bamboo clam are good! make sure to try those if u happen to eat there.

2. exercise!

had a nice swim in the morning! then around 4 i went down to RI to play soccer. another something i havent done in quite a while. the indians were 2-0 up when i went, but i scored 2 for the chinese so it was 2-2. i assisted zhu and eddison for one more goal each, then the indians scored 2 more so the score was tied at 4-4. then it happened. i dispossessed akesh, and he made a two footed lunge at me at the exact point where i cracked my tibia. -_-. so i was limping around for the rest of the day, but anyhow i still managed to set eddison up for the golden goal.

3. tuition.

just picked up my 3rd assignment at Holland V! suddenly i seem to be getting inundated with requests; (im the “preferred tutor” alot apparently) got this other request for a class tuition of 2 sec 4 girls for 2.5 hrs a session. even the coordinator said it was wierd, cos girls usually request for female tutors.

(update: i declined it, giving the reason that it was too far. then they said they could come over to my place instead…so i agreed. i have no idea whatsoever why they think im good.)

looks like ’08 is gonna be a BUSY tuition year for me.


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