church camp

January 1, 2008 at 2:46 pm (randoms)

was at church camp from thurs night to sunday noon. it was held at St Francis Methodist School. coincidentally the school which one of my N level tutees wanted to transfer over to. made quite a lot of new friends! and we got to play soccer at 2 am in the morning with Pastor Joshua. i asked him quite a lot of those tough-to-answer questions about christianity. he’s a really nice and approachable guy! and his soccer is good too. i got kicked alot though, maybe because it was so dark.

on the second night we went bowling. i havent played in a long while, and the score of my first game was really pathetic. but in the second game i was able to compensate for the trajectory of the ball after seeing like one million balls enter the gutter, so at least my score was slightly more respectable. haha.

anyway i was feeling quite old at the camp because there were a lot of P6es. one actually called me UNCLE wth. but they were a super bubbly and energetic bunch! so i enjoyed mixing with them. some of them were really cute too!

on a last note HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! hope we all have a smashing 2008 :]


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