January 5, 2008 at 10:58 pm (randoms)

i woke up at 1130 am today. i love being a pig and sleeping for more than 10 hours.

went to sch today to play soccer at around 4. it was raining like super heavily but we still played in the rain. i scored 5! hooray. we played at the RJ semi-D cos RI has some stupid ruling now that you have to book the turf beforehand. i pulled my hamstring though (dont know why i’ve had a tendency to pull my hamstring lately; happened at church camp too) and akesh hit the ball straight into my michael ballacks once. wth. and i busted my shoe, the sole came peeling off. decided to throw it away since it was also getting kind of slippery anyway. byebye F10s! you’ve served me well for 2 years.

so at night i headed down to queensway! haha i think i make a very efficient shopper. walked into the first shop, looked at a grand total of 2 pair of shoes before buying the second pair right there on the spot. its black with red stripes! and its name is PREDATOR.

just got informed by the coordinator that another sec 3 girl wants to come my house for tuition! despite her best attempts to discourage her. hmmm. 60 an hour! how tempting. just picked up another one though; a sec 4 girl for biology. wanted to come to my house for tuition as well but my mom said no. something to do with the mess created from using an eraser (girls have this tendency to use mechanical pencils and not pens for some reason). but whatever, cos shes in the same estate as me!


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