January 5, 2008 at 12:27 am (randoms)

watched 200 pound beauty today on DVD with my NZ friends at my uncles place. haha its actually pretty good! the male lead is really good-looking. and the female lead looks like shuqi to me for some reason. (i mean, of course, the post- plastic surgery one)

anyway my first lesson with the 2 girls went pretty well! i did some algebra, transformation and inequalities over the course of the 2 and a half hour lesson. i enjoyed teaching them! cos they pick up things really fast. but ill have to visit the bookstore to find a good english assessment book for them as they are more chinese inclined. english and maths are the 2 impt subjects required for entry to poly, so im going to make sure that they pass with flying colors.

i have a new favourite word! its YEEEESH. first heard in sin city. its a cool word to use! haha you’ve gotta try it someday. just compiled a short list of situations you can use it in below..

1. A different form of sheesh. It’s interesting to use for awhile, if you get bored of saying sheesh.

What did you do that for? Yeesh…

Yeesh! (In a complaining way) What did you take my money for?

2. A word to describe something that isn’t good

“nice, you just gave up a touchdown in madden”


3. Like sheesh, or oh my gosh, etc.You can basically use it for anything.

You can replace it with a bad word too.

Dad: You’re grounded!!!
You: Yeesh

friend: You fat piece of crap!!
You: Ahh be quiet u piece of yeesh.



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