January 16, 2008 at 4:31 pm (randoms)

i have this thing for monosyllabic words lately, as someone pointed out to me not too long ago. (i forgot who)

alright so the word of the week is rad! heard it first on scrubs.

excellent: very good, desirable, admirable, or fashionable ( slang )
a totally rad idea

anyway just back from malaysia yesterday night!

we took this coach to KL which came with individual tvs and super big seats and lots of leg room, i think it was around 40 dollars per person. but it was quite comfy! watched a couple of movies on the way there.

the 6 hr ride took us straight to KL. we stayed in the suite in times square hotel, its quite well furnished. (will put up a couple of photos somewhere sometime somehow if i actually make the effort to) and the breakfast was like 100000 times better than londons’ hotels. the lobby is pretty unique, its somewhere midway up the building, and not on the ground-floor. below the hotel is times square; the new mega mall which comes with an indoors roller coaster ride.

i was quite happy to eat at this italian eatery at the foodcourt for most of the days i was there. actually i think im fine as long as there is any combination of spaghetti/italian food/jap food/salmon/salad/potato/sashimi. im an easily satisfied person.

the shopping was rad! lots of cheap stuff to buy at chinatown, which i went to on my second day there. times square was more like your raffles place or any shopping centre along orchard road, but i still managed to buy a couple of items there too. top few floors were vacant though, and they kept playing annoying chinese new year music. which just served to remind me how close CNY was. i HATE chinese new year, especially the music. the tacky red decor and repetitive stephen chow shows they always play during that period of the year play their bit too. christmas any day!

i somehow contrived to buy quite a bit of stuff, despite all the recent christmas spendings. a ck sweater (stocking up for UK), 2 watches, a nice black metallic adidas bottle, a nike t-shirt, a belt, a cuff, 2 ties (decided that i’ve had enough of my dad’s 18th century neckties), of course not forgetting dvds and my ps 2 football games. haha the way i see it im actually one of those types who rarely shop, but buy like mad when they actually do.

yeah, right.


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