January 25, 2008 at 4:43 am (randoms)

3.44 am in the morning and i cant fall asleep so im doing highly educational quizzes. i’ve become abit of an imsomaniac lately. anyway im a dolphin! haha yay i like dolphins.

go do the test too then we can compare our animals. :]

Dolphins are those tanned, fit, and beautiful people who populate the background scenes of Baywatch. While they can give the impression that they’re not the brightest lights in the harbor, their sun- bleached hair belies a fierce intelligence. This misperception stems from the fact that they’ve chosen a life of hedonism rather than succumbing to the rat race of their land-bound cousins.

Dolphins are annoyingly healthy; eating and drinking with abandon and never becoming overweight. Undoubtedly it’s their active lifestyles that keep them so trim, but their good genes have something to do with it too; for even though dolphins subsist n junk food, their hair is shiny and their skin always glossy.

Generally, dolphins are peaceful and gregarious individuals, almost never displaying open aggression. When accosted, they’ll swim away rather than engage in negative behavior and are always on the lookout for friends to join them in recreation. They love to host elaborate parties or social events and take their fun seriously.

Dolphin were not designed for manual labor. Their bodies lack the skillful hands of the land mammal personalities, but their intelligence and social abilities give them advantages in people-oriented careers.

Dolphins are a decidedly lusty lot and never consider the consequences of their behavior before plunging into relationships. Their high level of self-esteem gives them confidence that things will turn out well — and they usually do . . . for the dolphin that is. For it’s usually the dolphin that brings a relationship to its end, for the same reason every time: there’s simply too many fish in the sea. No hard feelings of course, it’s just time to move on to sample more of life’s delicious bouquet.

Saying no to a sexual invitation would simply never occur to a dolphin. It’s not that they’re indiscriminate or anything, but they have a deep respect for chutzpah and wouldn’t want to snub anyone with the gumption to put him or herself on the line.

im gonna be 20 in one months time, but still, i feel like i’ve havent quite grown up yet. haha so what? being a kid rocks anywayz, yoz!


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