cheque vs cash vs credit card

January 31, 2008 at 1:44 am (randoms)

alright i just came back from my 2 lessons. i was hoping that i would receive a cash payment today instead of a cheque, but it was a blinking cheque again. and the reason why i wanted a cash payment was because i had a grand total of 7 dollars left in my wallet. PLUS, im always like too lazy to go to the atm to withdraw money. i think the last time i actually made a withdrawal from the atm was something like 4 months ago.

topics covered today: heart/transport in mammals for my bio tuition, and chem bonding for my chem tuition. wow! honestly i think ill make quite a good teacher. hurhur.

hooray i finally got my uob one card. its white! quite abnormal but also kind of cool in a way cos u dont often see white credit cards. im going to get the citiclear one as well! that one’s black. actually i plan to pay everything with my credit card from now on to help me keep tabs on spending. because i used to just withdraw 80 at one go from the atm and spend it all within a weekend. of course the cards perks are a bonus. its always good to have multiple cards, yeah? but ill be happy with 2 for now.

i found a new catchy song by mark ronson and lily allen. its a cover of a kaiser chief song. haha actually i think mark ronson is a pretty cool producer. he mixes music really well! (ooh wee was also produced by him.) the lily allen cartoon character is cute. heh. actually i think its more to do with the brit accent. sexaaay.


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