February 11, 2008 at 12:08 am (randoms)

i got one republics album from gramophone at holland v today! love it. before that i had lunch with church people and matt at this new-found attas secret cafe at holland V. you have to take a secluded lift to get up to it (its on the rooftop terrace). i got the discount card cos we spent more than 200 dollars. heh. i feel like getting the gramophone card too. its a funky orange card, but you have to deposit 200 dollars for 6 mths. hmm maybe the next time.

we had combined service at church today at 10. i made the effort to dress abit more formally today, complete with nice kiwi-ed black shoes! hurhur. i noticed more people…noticing me. i mean, as opposed to my usual hide behind at the last row in church and sulk alone days.

matt came to my house after that to play for a while, then we went to the gym. im still on course for SUNWAY LAGOON next weekend yeAH!  after that we had dinner while watching dodgeball (again) at my place, but it was still funny. “i know that you know that i know that you know” and so on. only ben stiller can deliver lines like that and still make it sound funny :)

on a last note, i think ill be having a small party at my place on the 29th of feb. think ill invite some of my closest friends cos its might be the last time ill be seeing them all together before i leave for london? means i cant celebrate my 21st bdae in singapore bummer.


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