The Curious Incident of the Female Dota-player in the Night-time

February 15, 2008 at 1:35 pm (randoms)

i slept at 3 am yesterday. i was playing dota with this girl by the nick of “huiling” cos i was trying to find out who she was.

a few days back while in the midst of the game she had suddenly whispered to me “zm?”. and didnt want to tell me who she was, insisting that we were just “acquaintances”. which was weird! cos she knew my email and nick, but didnt have me on msn.

so yesterday was the next time i saw her on bnet, and thus i bombarded her with questions until 3am. im curious by nature, and yes, i will die if i didnt find out who she was. ok so here’s what i found out, after much difficulty. maybe u can help me CSI.

1) she’s a girl. or at least, she confirmed this cos she owed me a question if i agreed to play another game with her. i didnt believe this at first, cos her dota was too pro for a girl. sexist, yes :]

2) she told she knows me cos her friend used to have a crush on me and they talked about me sometimes? offering to treat her friend to a movie if she told me her name didnt work either cos her friend is now attached. she found out my email from her friend. which is still kind of weird. she thinks her friend might have me on msn. (told me this after i asked her how or who she knew me through. initially reluctant to answer as she said answering this question would compromise her identity.)

3) she knows alot of RI GEPERS? chess club pple? louis chong, me, ang shen ting, she knows matthew is in bridge? hmm. matthew has no idea who she is either.

4) she was from RJ and she’s in uni now.

5) her invoker is more pro than her sandking. she’s in clan dcom?! (wth she has a clan right..)

6) she has facebook, but doesnt have me on facebook. she only knows roughly what i look like.

7) and finally, i got a name out of her yesterday! hooray! its michelle. chinese name is huiling. so if u know who she is TELL ME.

of course, im not discounting the possibility that all this is made up and “huiling” is actually one of my guy friends hurhur.


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