london part 2

February 21, 2008 at 5:58 pm (med, school)

deja vu! im off to london again at midnight and im not even packed yet. just came back from a haircut at next saloon at holland V that cost me 40 bucks. im becoming like, a metrosexual! hahaha. actually it was just cause my (overly) friendly neighbourhood barber had to get his tooth extracted today.

the stylist told me that my hair was too short to do much styling, (as did the one before him that did my hair for sierra wing social night, and the one even before that who did my hair for prom night) but actually i thought that the result still turned out quite well. nice and neat and short! not quite like takuya kimura’s hairstyle yet, (or any jap kid’s locks, for that matter) but it’ll do. my stylist’s hairstyle actually was a cross between the kimura series of moving rubber ads and jerry yens hairstyle. you know, the long, wavy curly ones?

ok i’ve gotta go pack now crap. till i return again, or i manage to hijack my sis’s comp in london…


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