london day 1

February 23, 2008 at 6:42 pm (med, school)

plane ride to london was smooth. everything was similar to the previous trip, even down to the menu! some potato maccaroni thing for dinner. didnt get dietary products for breakfast though, as the captain duly informed us that “the chillers were experiencing problems, and the hygienist they contacted had advised them to refrain from distributing diary products”. slept for most of the journey, but still managed to catch beowulf, superbad and the game plan. of the 3, i liked game plan the most! i think im a sucker for this sort of movies that leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling at the end of it. hurhur.

we visited buckingham palace yesterday and took some photos, before heading over to oxford street to window-shop later. met this cute japanese employee in esprit! who incidentally had also been to singapore and seen “sentosa, orchar-do road” and stayed at hilton hotel. was really nice talking to a fellow asian.

swung over to hamleys which was just across the road after that. the largest toy store in the world! my dad told me and my sis that we had always pestered to go in there when we were kids. it reminded me of the toy store from mr magorium’s wonder emporium. super friendly staff everywhere promoting their products and acting super child-like all over again; children staring wide-eyed in fascination at the wide variety of toys. it was packed to the brim with not just children, but similarly amazed adults and youths of my age as well. all five levels of it.

in my opinion, every toy store in the world should be like that… toys ‘r us is positively lifeless by comparison.

carling cup final later on! didnt manage to get tickets though, think i’ll probably go to some pub with rowdy english fans to soak in the atmosphere for the man u – newscastle match later on around 5.


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