my super cute sec 2 chinese teacher

March 7, 2008 at 10:37 am (randoms)

i have super cute teachers on facebook.

10:32am Feb 26th
it’s your birthday today!!
Wen laoshi
7:25pm Feb 27th
hello wen lao shi! haha thanks alot! sorry didnt reply earlier i was in london for interviews! im applying for medicine at imperial college :) hope all’s well with you!
9:45pm Feb 27th
oh that’s great!! how’s the interview? when will you get confirmation from them? i hope you will be accepted, it’s a very prestigious Uni, wa, you’re going to be a doctor next time, 很神圣的职业,加油哦!
let me know when you get any news from London :)
lao shi
9:49pm Feb 27th
haha yeah thanks alot wen lao shi! i thought the interview went quite well (at least i hope!). ok ill let you know when i hear any news! thanks!
11:46pm Feb 27th
wow, at least good to know the interview went well :)
wat a nice profile photo, i have to say you look handsome in this photo!
i notice you join the group ‘i love wu chun’!!? you know him? omg!! i love him too,well i still love f4 but i love fahrenheit more now, i thought guys normally don’t fancy this kind of thing.
Ah, i have a friend who knows mr goh kiat chun personally, hee hee, he’s coming singapore this sunday,i would love to see him but i don’t think i am free that day :D my friend will be going anyway.
how have you been? why are you in japan now?
lao shi
Today at 12:58am
hello wen laoshi! haha thanks you are so cute! yeah i like wu chun alot too! and takuya but i tink takuya is getting old already. not in japan i just went there for holiday 2 yrs ago! really loved it there. hehe.
Today at 6:57am

alright man, i love you, this is the first time i got pupil who have the same taste, i have watched all the drama series which got wu chun and takuya, aiyo, i love takuya for so many yrs liao, long before f4, omg omg, he’s so charming, yah he may be old but he’s still so charming~~

wu chun is such a nice person, he has been emailing my friend, hee hee, i missed a chance to meet him personally, aiyoh, but if i got to chance to do so i think i will faint in front of him…i must go on diet for at least 3 month and dye my hair first before i see him la.

you’re in singapore now ah, then you can go to see chun on sunday, hei hei, he sure notice you coz not many guys around, i join the Fan Club n get to know the chairman n the committee, they even flew to taiwan to meet him personally. one of them also likes aaron yan ya lun, she even went to his house lei, got his dad’s email and have been emailing him, very 神通广大, omg~~~~~

so interesting to know these fans, they are really crazy lo,at least i know i am still normal compare to them, haha.

i have been to jap 2 time, planing to go again end of this yr. did you learn jap as 3rd lang last time? ya, it’s hard not to like dat place, everthing’s so unique and cute, clean and organised. i don’t like e pple for wat they have done in WWll but those got involved already dead or too old now so ai yah, 算了吧。

eh why you stated jap as your hometown, bluff pple one huh?haha.

you look different from last time le, haha, 早知道你这么帅以前要多看两眼。met james low on facebook and he reminded me i ever said Qi Xiang (your 2Q classmate)‘s eyes very charming…

omg, i think i was crazy and still as crazy haha. if you never get into imperial college never mind, you go find daniel lee, daniel lum and qixiang, ask them form a boy band like f4, sure make more $ than a doctor, i will be the first one who buy your concert ticket. i know how to make poster and banner lei, i even make one for王传一a few month ago when he was here.hee hee


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