April 1, 2008 at 11:59 am (randoms)

i spend whenever im out. that’s a fact that i’ve realised recently. just ask kitkat. we were out at marina square, and i saw a shirt. the next thing i knew, i was a proud (maybe not so much) owner of not one, but 2 new shirts. yesterday i was out shopping with/for my sis at vivo. i ended up spending more than her on a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. bought a bag while waiting for nick to catch a movie together. a skinny tie while at Next at oxford street while waiting to meet up with mark at strand station. an archie comic for my friend’s 9 year old sis just because i was in a supermart and it caught my eye.

in the morning i arranged to meet my former maths tutor mr aw! really nice to catch up with him after so long. we had breakfast at the botanic garden. its fab now! the last time i was there was maybe something like 5 years ago. probably longer. we paid to go into the orchid garden. but mostly we were just talking.

zhongmin is

1) hot

2) poserific

3) immature

4) not taken

5) gay

HAHAHA sorry i just had to post that here.


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