Two of the Brightest Stars

May 15, 2008 at 11:19 pm (poems)

Two of the Brightest Stars

The room glows all night long,
It’s a satellite show and the stars are gone.

In that instant it starts to pour
the rain is full of ghosts tonight,
that gentle pawing against the faded glass
and listening stealthily for reply.

And then comes the inevitable silence –
A piercing haunt through the shadows.

Yet I smell your lingering softness
a scent so delicate
dizzily drifting, sweetly settling
a rose petal upon the turbulent seas tonight.

Deeper into the abyss of my imagination,
the bed I’m in sinks further still.

There I’d lie, picturesque pondering;
staidly seeking
before poignant slumber claims
and then again in hopes of dreaming.

You’re in my arms, and all the world is calm.
The music is playing on for two.

In the midst of the melody
whispering ever so softly into your ear
-but Darling, those three words are said too much;
They’re not enough for you.

Brittle illusions dissipate quicker than the ghosts of old;
Vanishing back into earth like ashes of the long-lost.

but look at the stars-
Oh, how they burned for us
A swirling brilliant cacophony of colours in the sky –
sparkling, shimmering, melding.

You once wished upon a satellite, unwittingly
And I just smiled.

The satellite remains; the stars are gone.
I picked each one out of the sky –

For you.


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