a proper entry

May 20, 2008 at 10:41 pm (randoms)

so i’ve had a request to blog a PROPER entry. as if posting poetry and stealing stuff from other people’s blog to post on my own doesn’t count as “proper”.

ok. i concede it doesn’t. but then again, hardly anything i do can pass off as being proper. lol. so here goes.

</start of proper update>

past few weeks my memory kind of fails me. all i remember is going out a lot, meeting up with friends, buying presents for people, swimming and playing sports in general. what’s new, right? (unless you count getting hit on by gays and older women on facebook, but then again that’s hardly new[s] either)

channel surfing on cable has thrown out more programs i’ve never watched before. there’s a new one called fist of zen on mtv which probably just edges me in randomness. they get people to do utterly random and retarded things like being thwacked by a giant rubber band. i admit, it is funny though. it’s filmed in the uk; and either im going to sign up for it when im there, or my friends are all going to be playing the 60-Second Serpent Snatch at my 21st birthday party. (yes, please google that)

documentaries which i have never taken a particular interest in have also strangely appealed to me for some reason these days. stuff on history channel, national geographic, discovery channel; everything ranging from locusts and scorpions to investigations into airplane crashes and modern weaponry.

then recently i’ve also been reading. i borrowed books from people cos im too lazy to hit the library. read the twilight series, currently on the lotr trilogy. its hard to believe that the last time i read it i was in p5. realised im a tween, in tolkien speak. the age between 20 and 35 where one hasn’t quite grown up yet, but on the other hand hasn’t came of age (35 for hobbits, i know, for me it would probably be something like 45, right?)

6 more months till im gone for 6 years and yet i don’t feel any urgency to get anything done in particular. what’s changed?

</end of proper update>


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