fatty wei jiawei

June 6, 2008 at 9:14 pm (randoms)

Today at 8:20pm
Hey, do you know this guy who calls himself Fattywei Jiawei on facebook? I dont know him and i dunno why he is on my facebook but apparently he is on yr facebook too and he seems to know alot of our friends too..i have a suspicion he is some sort of conman….
Today at 8:22pm
yes i think so too. he asked me for daryl poon’s number. ignore him.
Today at 8:23pm
yeah he asked me for daryl poon’s no too. and he asked me for gloves.
Today at 8:24pm
he asked me for gloves too. who the hell is he ah, why daryl poon’s number, and why gloves??!!
Today at 8:25pm
haha no idea. sounds like a sick pervert to me. and hes fat. LOL
Today at 8:27pm
he told me he was guanghao’s brother. and just this morning he said he was someone else’s brother. i think he is a conman.
Today at 8:29pm
i just think he’s fat :/
Today at 8:31pm
he told me he just went to daryl poon’s house, and left his handphone there. asked me for poon’s number so he can contact. creative, but not too smart.
Today at 8:35pm
he told me the exact same story too! after doing a check on daryl poon, i realised that he is actually not a very smart conman
Today at 8:37pm
yah man. how could you be such a good friend of him til he could invite you to his house, yet not have his number? he is a retard. i just wonder what his motive is.
Today at 8:37pm
the smartest con man is me! HAHA sorry i realise im highly irrelevant in this convo. thats wad happens when u are stuck in camp on a friday night
Today at 8:38pm
i think his motive is to get free gloves
Today at 8:39pm
LOL. good one. that takes the cake
Today at 8:39pm
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. shit thats dastardly. let’s report him to the police.
Today at 8:43pm
no. lets hatch a plan to set him up. haha.
Today at 8:49pm
how? what if he turns violent. hahahahahahah.
Today at 8:49pm
dont worry. he’s FAT. haha.
Today at 8:50pm
yeah. and there are THREE of us.
Today at 8:52pm
HAHAHAHAHA. let’s give him some number we decide ourselves to him as daryl poon’s number. then we can think of what to do with him when he calls or messages the number.
Today at 8:53pm
i say kenny be the bait. tell him you are at home naked and waiting for his call.
Today at 8:54pm
yeah! tell him youre naked and youre wearing only gloves.
Today at 8:58pm
wah shit that’s nasty.
Today at 8:59pm
i second that. tell him you have a fetish for gloves too.
Today at 9:01pm
then what is going to happen to me when he manages to dig up my address. i don’t like fat guys.
Today at 9:03pm
just close your eyes when he’s on top of you and think its in the best interests for your beloved motherland.

it will be over quickly.

Today at 9:03pm
tell him u are waiting for him in daryl poon’s house. according to his story he should have his address lo. then we will lock him in and call the police. hahaha.
Today at 9:05pm
omg that is really nasty. so how does me giving up my virginity to a fat guy link to our revenge plan? we would be helping him along, this would probably be his ideal end result anyway.
Today at 9:05pm
i thought you already lost your virginity to shang…
Today at 9:07pm

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