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June 9, 2008 at 3:21 pm (med, school, randoms)

I NEED TO EXERCISE. SWIM OR GYM OR SOMETHING. i havent gone to the gym for nearly 3 wks now.

by the way, lets all go to the national stadium to watch singapore kick some saudi arabian ass in soccer this sat night! just one of the many things on my to-do list before i go to london. bryan and lh actually paid $89 for the singapore jersey and are going to be wearing it there. i googled it just now and found a blog showing the jersey in a warehouse sale heap selling for 45. they are not going to be happy when they hear that.

went for my blood test yesterday for hep B immunisation. i had fun asking random people whether it was considered sissy if i cried during the jab. or whether it would it be sort of like a sensitive new age guy thing similar to john tucker when he cried cos “people are being mean towards me!!!”

finally received the accommodation email from imperial after what seemed like AGES. i hope i get weeks hall. it does seem pretty nice. heh. although i can hardly believe that im going to be hitting the books all over again in something like 5 months time! i doubt i still have the propensity for mugging.

when i return in 6 years time, my plan is to do my intern at Mount Elizabeth hospital if possible, cos its in orchard! then after that i plan to set up my own clinic once i’ve become a specialist. ok but that is still a LONG LONG TIME AWAY. SIX YEARS. just saying…


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  1. Little Mint said,


    Remember to indicate the date thing I told you about. And chase them for the letter to get the visa. Yes I know, I’m naggy. But its DAMN LATE. Lemme remind you, it’s almost July!

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