one last hurrah at the national stadium

June 13, 2008 at 10:37 pm (randoms)

so me, leong hao, bryan and jinyong went to the national stadium for the saudi arabian vs singapore match! the 3 of them were wearing red, i was wearing white cos i realised at the last minute (much to my horror) that i didnt have a single red t-shirt.

my first time watching a live match, and it was well worth the trip down to kallang! it was to be the last match at the stadium for the lions before it made way for the new sports hub. we had the good fortune of seating at the singapore fans section, and there was this really funny malay guy leading all the cheers, with his backup crew on the drums and tambourine etc. sadly, the stadium was barely even one quarter full, we were speculating that there were probably more people shopping at the IT fair at suntec.

those funny clapper things you see on TV were distributed to us, and we were led in the cheers by the malay dude standing at the front. i learned quite a number of cheers! like the SINGAPORE SINGAPORE, GOGOGO cheer. quite amusing to be cheering with all the malays. then there was an aunty seated in front of us who provided a hilarious (well, at least to us) live hokkien commentary on the match, even getting up to mimic the comical way in which our number one central defender, Precious Emuejerayem, runs.

we had a really good time laughing at him throughout the match. not quite patriotic, i know, but we simply couldnt help ourselves. his top running speed appeared to be slower than my jogging speed. even when he was the last defender and the opposing striker was on a one-on-one with the keeper, he still appeared to be taking a leisurely trot back to cover the goal mouth.

singapore played decently, but were too one-dimensional in approach with the lack of any flair players. they simply resorted to pumping long balls, which might have worked if Precious had been playing in the opposing defense, which unfortunately was not the case.

the final score 2-0 flattered to deceive, as saudi arabian had so many chances it could easily have been 8 or 9 to nil, if not for some outstanding saves by hassan sunny, the singapore custodian. still, it was a sad way for the final game at the kallang stadium to end, with barely a whimper, let alone a bang that the newspapers had promised.

with the loss, singapore were knocked out of the qualifying race for the world cup. so much for world cup 2010! the song playing at halftime summed it all up. “it ends tonight” by the All-American Rejects.


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