June 28, 2008 at 6:08 pm (randoms)

went for more futsal at kallang yesterday. this time, at least i my shooting was on target, but too bad i injured my ankle, and also got kicked in my shin, so now im limping around like a hobbit. spain won russia! yeah! i’ve been rooting for spain all along but somehow i just doubt their ability to overcome germany in the final. the spanish team is superbly talented. hmm hope they win euro!

we had prawn mee at this coffee shop near kallang station after soccer. apparently its quite famous! i thought the soup stock was pretty good. heh. after that a few of us made a trip down to cine to watch wanted. i realised that if i paid with my UOB card it was 1 for 1 at 6 dollars per ticket, which works out to 3 bucks per person if i go with a friend? i need to watch more movies! anyway i really enjoyed the movie. its the sort of movie that requires you to switch off your brain before entering the theatre. then you just sit back, relax and enjoy your ticket’s worth of spectacular explosions, gunfights and action on screen. quite irrelevant and random too, which might explain why i enjoyed it so. if you enjoy black comedy you will like this movie, although it gets abit bloody at parts.

after that i made a stop home to have my dinner, before heading out again to visit one of my alpha group member’s baby who was just born, together with nick over at his home. all this time i was limping, and it started getting worse. we were initially supposed to bus down to timbre, but decided to go somewhere nearer and ended up at walawala at holland v. EIC was performing! mr siva and gang. haha i wonder if he still recognised me. anyway, i thought his singing was quite good! much better than the chinese at least, who sounded pretty bland to me.

been sampling songs by the last goodnight on youtube recently. the songs are quite good! i feel like getting their album. timbre next friday night!


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