baptist badminton cup

July 12, 2008 at 10:48 pm (randoms)

was recruited by joshua to play badminton for evangel baptist church. its actually a small family church, so we’ve always struggled to field players for events like that. i was glad to help out my old church anyway.

so after soccer in the morning at bishan i went down to chai chee secondary school around 3pm to find that we were up against sembawang baptist church.

me and joshua were both late, and by the time we arrived, the score was 2-1 against us. we had won the first singles and lost the second doubles, and we forfeited the 3rd female doubles because we didn’t even have enough people to field. luke won the 2nd singles though, so the score was tied at 2-2.

i was paired with joshua for the final match which was a best of 3 sets mens doubles. it was to be the deciding match over which church would progress to the next phase of the knock-out stage. we won the first two sets quite comfortably though so we didn’t need to play the 3rd set.

i actually felt kind of bad that we knocked them out of the competition, because the other church had brought down close to 30 members of the church as supporters, while we only had a pathetic 5 members from our church. moreover, they were seeded and we were not, because last year we got knocked out in the first round (i didn’t play then though, and i think similar to this year, we didn’t have enough players to begin with).

anyhow, the next round will be held next saturday, and we’ll be up against the first seeds who were the winners of the competition last year. guess that’s a good thing, so that when we get knocked out i wont have to make the SUPERBLY long trip down to east coast anymore, which is where the school’s located.

after badminton i went down to the club for a swim. amazingly, the sun was still out at 4pm.

soccer –> badminton –> gym –> swim. i’m beat.


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