On A Spree!

July 19, 2008 at 10:31 pm (poems)

Joon Faii wrote this. just thought i’d share it coz i think it’s pretty good!

Have you sailed around the world,
Rode the crimson waves
And traversed the bloody squalls?

Don’t you feel yourself racing,
Veins contused
and mind spinning head over heels?

For what’s life as a landlubber,
With a soul bereft of excitement
If you’re nothing more than lamp blubber?

And so we have it, de-vigoured souls
Gathered at the port’s grand atrium with heart’s right
Regardless of class, inferior, superior.

For now it’s a pirate’s life for them,
God, glory and iron fame,
Their ventricles ventilating with smell of the sea,

And around a yawl in a pirate bay
and around and around they go
cannonading after cannonading

Plundering, pillaging,
Turning, tossing, till each boat,
A chest of jewels and oxygenated treasure.

But what use is cargo without trade?
So back they go, lub dub,
To familiar waters of the four seas.

And so it goes, again and again
Till the end draws near and
Each to his Maker.


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