imma get a summer job in a water themepark!

February 23, 2009 at 6:33 am (med, school, pictures, randoms)

10. Sunway Lagoon


Sunway Lagoon is the biggest water park in Malaysia. If you happen to be near the Kuala Lumpur area, this place is certainly a must-see. The expansive number of water rides is divided into three different areas. They are World of Adventure, Waters of Africa and Wild Wild West. You can even hang out at the surf area that features more than six thousand tons of actual sand as well as palm trees.

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9. Chimelong Water Park


Set to become the largest water park in the world, this nearly 1 million square feet of water based fun provides numerous attractions. The Behemoth Bowl is easily one of the best rides at this park. There is also a wide collection of other rides that will certainly set the record for being among the biggest, tallest and most exciting water rides on the planet.

8. Wet n’ Wild

Orlando, Florida

There are certainly plenty of exciting attractions in Orlando. When you are tired of the warmth of the Florida sun, consider heading to Wet ‘n Wild, where you can splash to your heart’s content and enjoy some of the most exciting water rides in North America. There are a total of five different thrill rides along with numerous other more relaxing water rides. The Brain Wash is considered to be one of the most popular rides, featuring a 53 foot drop into a domed funnel.

7. World Water Park

Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton, Canada is home to one of the largest shopping malls in the world. You will also find one of the most exciting indoor water parks in this beautiful city as well. Not only that, but World Water Park is actually located inside the Edmonton Mall! While the temperatures in Canada may become quite chilly, it is always a pleasant 86 degrees Fahrenheit at World Water Park.

In this expansive indoor water park, you will find the largest indoor wave pool in the world as well as slides that reach up to 85 feet. Some of the most exciting thrill rides to be found at this park include Sky Screamer, Tropical Typhoon and Nessie’s Revenge.

6. Schlitterbahn


Schlitterbahn is the largest water park in Texas and that is saying something. In German, the word Schlitterbahn means slippery road. The number of rather interesting water slides at Schlitterbahn certainly live up to that reputation.

Wherever you happen to be in Texas, you will likely find a Schlitterbahn near you. There is one at South Padre, another at New Braunfels and the newest location is in beautiful Galveston.

5. Noah’s Ark WaterPark


Easily one of the largest water parks in the U.S., Noah’s Ark contains more than 60 water slides. The park spans some 70 acres and offers anything you might want on a hot summer day including two wave pools, four children’s play areas, two rivers and a lagoon pool. The most popular water slide at the park is the Time Warp, which features a complete drop of 70 feet.

4. Las Cascada Water Park

Puerto Rico

The largest water park in the Caribbean, this park was originally constructed in 1985. Whether you want to relax as you float along the Tropical Lazy River or you want to experience something more exciting like the speed rides, this water park has plenty of everything to offer.

3. Sandcastle Waterpark

United Kingdom

When you are in the UK, you will probably want to see a few castles. Sandcastle is the largest indoor waterpark in the UK. There are more than 18 water attractions suitable for a variety of ages. Choose from various water slides as well as a kid’s play area, a lazy river and even a wave machine.

The Masterblaster water coaster is considered to be the largest water coaster in the world. The Caribbean Storm Treehouse offers a safe and relaxing place for the kids to play to their heart’s content.

2. Wet n’ Wild Water World


Part of the Wet ‘n Wild family, this is the largest water park in Australia. Unlike many parks, it is open all year. The newest addition to the park was constructed just for those who like something exciting and even a bit thrilling. Among the most exciting rides are the Tornado, a four person funnel slide, and the Blackhole.

1. Water Country


This gorgeous water park features a fun 1950’s theme that will bring back memories of the Beach Boys. There are also many new and innovative features in this popular park. From river rafting adventures to thrilling flume rides, you will find plenty to keep you cool at Water Country.

As the temperatures begin to soar, there is no reason to swelter. Head out to one of these exciting water parks. You will find them to be cool in more ways that one!

i’ve been to sunway lagoon a couple of times, and admittedly it isn’t that great. hopefully that’s why it’s in 10th position. hmmm never knew there was one in UK too! gonna have to check that one out.
im waaaaay hyped for visiting the cyprus water themeparks in summer though (me and my friends are already making plans!) there appear to be quite a number of rad ones and i’ve got fellow medics in my year from cyprus! oh and Schlitterbahn in Texas too, coz it has a cool name and well, it’s in Texas!
it’s gonna be a fantastic summer, apart from holidaying around the globe, working the 2 best summer jobs in the world (the titular job, and a role as an underwater world camp facilitator) i’ve also signed up for this international student volunteer programme where you get to go to places like the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Eastern Europe over a period ranging from a few weeks to 4 months.
you spend half of it doing volunteer work:
  • Community Development & Construction
  • Sea Turtle & Manatee Conservation
  • Children’s Education Projects
  • Scientific Research Projects
  • Indigenous Community Projects
  • Habitat Restoration & Forest Regeneration
  • Wild Animal Rescue
and the rest is spent doing adventure stuff!
  • White Water Rafting
  • Glacier Climbing
  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
  • Nature Hiking
  • Canyoning and Rappelling
  • Horseback Riding
  • Cultural and city exploration
  • Yacht Cruises

an australian dude came down to talk to us about it last week, and i managed to speak to him for abit after that. he took time off after graduating from college to help out with this volunteer programme as a full-time job and in return got to travel the world for free, doing crazy adventures! AWESOME.


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