casino royale!

March 7, 2009 at 4:50 am (pictures)

3 pounds for a 100 dollars worth of chips, all in the name of charity.

there was black jack, roulette and poker going on with james bond music playing in the background; everyone was dressed to theme for the black tie event. the dealers had their hair slicked back and carried cases of chips everywhere with them. it was a scene straight out of casino royale.

the whole thing was a bundle of fun, and the atmosphere was super! the prizes for the top 3 winners were HMV vouchers at the end of the day.

chips and cards

cards and chips, good to go!




hair that defied gravity


roulette, nachos and a spin of the wheel!



Mozard Symphony No. 25 in G minor or Saturday Night Fever? i just gotta love his pose hahah


twilight moment


the poker table!




with a flurry of hands


the A team

ps we had our very own Godfather, the guy in the white suit. his name is Paavo he’s from belgium but he spent 2 years hiding from the cops in Swaziland, South Africa. hahahahah


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