sleepover/guys can cook!

April 9, 2009 at 7:18 am (pictures)

meal 1: rice with sides preparation

sweet and spicy tofu with pork, vegetable with carrots and an onion omelette! perfect

the meal turned out really good; we finished everything, including all the rice which the both of them had insisted was too much. (it’s never too much when i’m around)

playing loot in exchange for grapes. 2 gold = 1 grape
i won the most number of grapes hahaha. in fact i think i won almost every other round we played the rest of the night thanks to “joshua’s lack of social responsibility” (to quote hochuan) in stopping me from making off with the gold whenever one of my merchant ships set sail

posing with the game and prize

meal 2: spaghetti bologenese

spaghetti chefenjoying the spag and fruit juice
hahaha this is how messy a 3 guy sleepover is
meal 3: my fusion oyster sauce/sugar chicken noodles, with beansprouts garlic shallots and prawn dumplings i made for anrong coz he said he was craving chinese food. i created the recipe on the spot
believe it or not, he actually said it was delicious and finished everything! hahaha. im rad!


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