thames river cruise, greenwich!

April 17, 2009 at 6:07 am (pictures)

our fascinating cruise guide. as hochuan remarked, he learned more about London from listening to him than from staying in London for over 6 months

perfect weather for a thames river cruise
royal festival hall

apartment built such that every single unit has a view of the river

tower bridge

HMS belfast, the vessel that opened the bombardment of German-occupied Normandy. now converted into a naval museum.

me and joshua

smash capitalism! says the commie

hochuan enjoying a laugh

map of greenwich

up the hill to the royal observatory. the flowers are in full bloom!
royal observatory at the top of greenwich park, where the prime meridian line is. notice the red time ball atop the Octagon Room.

greenwich market. i love all these flea markets, which are very much a part of london culture. they sell all sorts of stuff, ranging from the exotic to the interesting to the quaint.

hochuan eyeing the food on offer hungrily

sizing up the goods on offer



  1. passerby said,

    hey there nice pictures, you are really good-looking. may i ask where you got the shades from? been trying to get something similar for my friend’s birthday.


  2. back to the future! « `into the darkness said,

    […] September 13, 2009 at 5:15 am (randoms) really old photos…dating back to Greenwich! […]

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