Mediterranean, baby!

April 19, 2009 at 7:09 pm (med, school, randoms)

28 March at 11:32
Sandy beaches… water theme parks… diving … hiking… clubbing … camping … lots and lots of Cypriot food (halloumi, pitta, kebab etc)… all of us beating weak -Jims in arm wrestling … betting on North – South Korean Jin-Ho beach fight … you know, the usual:P

…And there is a relatively cheap solution (Haha this sounds like a TV ad)

1. You go to London (if you are not staying in London) early (mid-september) and from there you catch a budget flight (easyjet, Monarch etc) to Cyprus.
2. So by the 15th of September we all assemble in Cyprus.
3. Stay for maybe 7-10 days (or more or less – it’s up to you, I don’t mind)?
4. And then term starts (so we can stay there until the 27th cause I need to pack, etc)

-Cyprus has the Euro as its currency and because of the sterling-euro exchange rate some stuff might look a bit expensive. But of course not more expensive than London.
-However, I will provide accommodation, most of the meals (we can minimise eating out to reduce your costs), travel costs around the island and drinks (alcoholic – or not) etc
-So overall it won’t be expensive.

How to get here:
-The sooner you book tix the cheaper – try for flights to Larnaca (the airport city). Should be around 90quid.
-You can also try easyjet (listed as Cyprus Larnaca) but I think it’s a bit more expensive.
-BA and Cyprus airways also fly to Cyprus but those are expensive.

There is a list here of countries that need visa:
-EU passport holders don’t need any
-For other countries it depends, we can check but it shouldn’t be difficult to get one (and I don’t know about the fees but I could ask).
-and I don’t know about commonwealth countries either.

Still thinking about it?

Caution: Turks enter at own risk!!! Haha Ufuk I’m joking (we’ll have the Singaporean army’s Ninjas protecting you), you can come twice if you want since you’ll be next door. Seriously, there’s absolutely no danger.

For more info go to:

28 March at 22:17
so ufuk’s in absolutely no danger? thats a little bit of a let-down…
otherwise it sounds amazing! i dunno if ill b coming from London to Cyprus though-ill probably be in Korea at this time…
Im so looking forward to it!
13 April at 01:10
hey so does this thing still hold true?? this whole cyprus event thingy?
I might come, I dunno.

Are we all travelling separately though?
Cuz my sense of direction rlly rlly rlly sucks, and I’ll get lost in no time if I go alone :S.

I mean, I even sometimes get lost here, and Heathrow itself. Let alone Cyprus….lol.

13 April at 01:10
btw, anyone coming for sure yet?
cuz if I’m like the only one….it’ll be a bit boring wudnt it???
13 April at 01:30
yup-me and ethan are definitely going-unless you’re also coming of course…
(minho this is a joke so you laugh and dont take offense from it)
13 April at 08:31
dont wry about getting lost cause our airport is tiny and needless to say that i’ll pick you up from the airport.
But i think ethan will be booking tickets for the 22 or 23 of Sept(?)
13 April at 13:17
Haha, sounds great man =) but dunno if i can make it early september (my Bday’s early sept :S) i might go ard mid to late sept? btw Nick…singaporean ninjas? hahaha
13 April at 13:38
I’m free september, I’m gonna bug my dad soon to see if he’ll front the cash. If I secure the cash, I’ll come as long as at least one other person is going. And it seems like ethan and kazama are going, so that should be okay.
13 April at 14:01
I can probs make anytime september, p.s. kazama?
13 April at 14:17
cool, if everyones going im gonna involve and defeat my parents in intellectual discussions to convince them to let me go muahahaha.

hmm so is it from the 22nd/23rd until start of school?? cuz one week seems wayy too short. I want at least 3 weeks LOL. If not 2.

btw, if anyones free anytime during the summer b4 september, feel free to come over to germany! free accomodation + food (unless eating outside of course). LOL

13 April at 17:40
haha Min-Ho the party animal!. Seriously feel free to come anytime you want and stay for as long as you want!!!!
haha the MINIMUM number of days you can stay is 10 days:P.

term starts on the 4th of Oct if im not mistaken.

btw i hope you dont mind if it ends up being a bit crowded :)… cause i thought that it will be better if we stay in a small summer flat by the sea and not at my family house which is in the boring capital.

i’ll call tomorrow to find out about visa details and i’ll let you know.

13 April at 18:05
By the sea? sounds good =) hmmm, if school starts on the 4th i reckon a good time would prob be mid september or something? Min-Ho: dunno if i would be passing by germany (i’ll prob be going to switzerland and france after the exams…might drop by germany haha)
13 April at 18:17
ufuk wants beats!
Nick, are u sure that turks are in ABSOLUTLELY no danger?
No occasional rapes/kidnappings/drownings of turkish nationals???
I refuse to take no as an answer!
13 April at 18:36
oh no i’m afraid i cant help you there.
Maybe your uncle Kim can help, he’s an expert in these kinds of eliminations isnt he?… making it seem like an accident, or even suicide? In the worst case senario you can ask him (politely – manners first) to send a missile gift.

but he’d first have to eliminate Ninj-Sam.

13 April at 20:26
Oi, what’s with the ninj sam???
13 April at 21:45
come on! i am the pro here, why doesn’t anyone ask me to do it?
13 April at 23:50
Hahaha, apparently ppl think i’m a better ninja here muahahahaha =P
14 April at 18:30
My dad double checked just now!

South Koreans DO NOT need a visa. sorry for the alarm!
Singaporeans DO NOT need a visa.
Chinese unfortunately NEED a visa

14 April at 19:08
14 April at 19:24
samuel plz dont get so coky. do you realize ninjas have to be very agile, fast and be able to hide well? they need both speed and agility. do you fulfill these criteria? hmm? muahahaha
14 April at 19:25
hahaha yay i need no visa! hooray.
poor Jims…my condolences…
14 April at 19:35
grr, i shall terminate all of you out of rage!!!
14 April at 20:46
these things are reciprocal jims. its because we need a visa to get in your country. you think Cyprus the sh**-hole cares who enters or leaves the country?
…But you are right, we hate chinese people (min-ho this is not true, its a joke.)

Btw if you are still interested the procedure will take max an hour and we hav to go to st’james square with your docs (photo, application etc). and then max 5 days later go and collect your passport. we can do this after the exam i guess.
i’ll come with you – they simply NEED to know the truth about you dude – how disturbed you are and all.

14 April at 20:55
Hahahaha, i wonder why the chinese have this restriction though…hmmm…
14 April at 20:56
Min Ho: right you are on that ninja bit, i was just musing at how ppl thought i was a ninja haha…sorry jims =P
15 April at 02:27
any news for…er….north koreans?
not that i am one of course..PREPOSTEROUS!
who DARES make such ridiculous claims? WHO?! WHO!!!
i was merely musing what would happen in the hypothetical scenario in which i was north korean….(looks shiftily around the room).
Anyway, i cant be north korean becos….er….becos then who would protect minho from all the north korean spies….not that I am one of course….(laughs uneasily and wipes sweaty forehead).
15 April at 03:25
Achtung! we have a spy in our midst! mobilise all cypriate defenders!! and Jin, how did you know that there are N.Korean spies running abt? hmmm? sounds suspicious hahahaha
15 April at 12:04
Wow, you guys have succesfully turned this into a shit-chatting session :P. My favourite kind of thread, p.s. jin, we’re much closer to turkey than we are to korea, I could easily have you raped, and have that taped, and put a link on facebook, and lol
hahahaha ok and i guess the rest of the discussion kind of detracts from the subject matter …but the bottom line is sun, sand and sea, in the Mediterraneans this summer.
surf’s up!

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