camden market is goooooooooood

May 17, 2009 at 7:39 am (life!, pictures)

camden market on a sunday: the best market i’ve been to by far!
self-explanatory really hahahah
really cool leather trenchcoat i was tempted to buy
even the shop houses are decorated interestingly
buskers in london are all quality! even if you give them only a drum to work withespecially appreciated the relaxing music of this red indians duo act. it’s pretty awe-inspiring and you can imagine yourself in the midst of nature, immersed amongst stretching plains of vast wilderness, or soaring like an eagle over the desert.
for those who want a taste you can preview a sample here:
camden lock market
cool canvas paintings that i’m definitely gonna stock up on when im decorating my bachelor’s pad! i really loved how the whole market is sort of built over a river too; with inter-connecting bridges to different parts of the market, such that it’s near impossible to ensure you have explored every single nook and cranny… even if you trawl through the market in an orderly manner from beginning till end! and of course, the rivers and trees just makes the scenery superimposed onto the background of the market so much more awesome.
one of the many bridgesthey also serve as a sort of dam to prevent flooding
they look like Popeye girls!

goth stuff!an example of the interconnecting bridges between different sections and buildings of the market
and of course, there’s food!!
they were heckling passing customers with “free taste free taste! mix and match!”

dude who has a license showing him as having participated in Guiness Book of Records. earns by charging one pound for a photo with him!

more boats!
antiques section!
cyberdog.. this really cool shop

which had dancing girls (as you can see at the top right of the picture, although they were kinda fat hahaha) and was really more like a club then a shop.coz i know you wanna know how big the robot is

up onto the rooftops we go again!

really cute nappies im gonna get for my kid next time hahaha

and finally settling down at the end of a long day to catch a bit of the man you villa match. we were losing 2-1 at around the 60th minute then, and i thought we were done for, but of course we went on to win 3-2!

game over!

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