tate modern/st paul’s cathedral

May 24, 2009 at 8:14 pm (pictures)

the iconic chimney of the tate modern

the wide entrance to the gallerya massive exhibition near the entrance. looks like a giant spider to me.write-up on the artist of the previous exhibition
im actually quite a fan of modern/abstract art! although some of the pieces you are about to see below are going to be more abstract than art. hahaha
andy warhol, one of my favourite artists

this one is kinda cool in a 5-year-old-cousin-trying-to-paint-a-portrait-of-you way.

art – anything goes!

hahaha my 5 year old cousin could have done this
creepy art??? art. darth vader’s helmet?

more ??? art

skinny ties are good for telling the direction of the wind in the picture!

across the millenium bridge to st paul’s cathedral

where Princess Di was married!

quite a grand building, that


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  1. Old Pics from a Friendly Visit « `into the darkness said,

    […] gallery. lots of famous art pieces here! Van Gogh’s Sunflowers etcetc. i preferred the Tate Modern […]

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