The Mysterious Ticking Icecream

May 30, 2009 at 10:11 pm (med, school, randoms)

so i had 2 pints of haagen daz icecream and my mince beef which i just bought the previous day for my spaghetti bolognese stolen from the freezer yesterday.

now what sort of strange cow eats strawberry cheese cake and cookies and cream icecream, with minced beef as topping.

remi (my french roomie) had his favourite big bowl he left in the kitchen disappearing into thin air today.

“the food thief must have taken my bowl to fit all the haagen daz icecream with minced beef toppings”

“he must be french!” i told remi, noting the French’s general propensity for weirdness.

“no…he must be english! only the English eat weird stuff like beef with mint..”

hahaha i love my roomie he’s hilarious. we always talk about random stuff. like how we are going to set up his fellow french exchange student friend romain with a nice, countryside english girl.


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