Permanently black and blue for you;

June 14, 2009 at 2:24 am (life!)

Kai Yeow & Hui Min

to me

Follow up message
Hello all,Thank you very much for sacrificing your time and effort to help us with our church wedding. We’ve very honoured and appreciative to have all of you chipping in.

We’ve attached the tentative programme; if you have any questions, feel free to call us.

Our church wedding has been confirmed with the following details:

19th September, 2009, Saturday
Faith Methodist Church (400 Commonwealth Drive, right beside Commonwealth MRT, parking is available within the building)
Sanctuary, Level 1
5pm – 6.30pm (Will need you to come earlier to help out pls)

There will be a rehearsal that is scheduled for:

8th September, 2009, Tuesday
7pm – 9pm
(venue as above)

We’ve assigned the following roles as we think you’ll do a great job in that role:) :
Zhu Cheng – Overall coordinator
Ethan – Master of Ceremony (emcee)
Bao Qing / Zhi Peng – Usher / Distribution of programme booklets
Yun Ning – Setting up of tea reception / Help out with Ushering too
Wei Ling / Hui Min’s aunt – Receptionist
Joshua / Jamie / Jaslyn – Ringbearer / Flower girls
If you’d like to swop roles with someone else, just let us know.We’d appreciate if you could let us know immediately if you’re unable to make it for the rehearsal.

Thank you!


to tan.kyhm

Follow up message
i swop with flower girl haha

Kai Yeow & Hui Min

to me

Follow up message
if u will dress up in a pretty white dress with a cute pink ribbon.


to Kai

Follow up message
can i do a blue ribbon instead? pink is not really my colour..
alright so i’m going to be the MC at my sister’s wedding come september, and i have to do english, CHINESE, and sing a hymn too; maybe play the violin as well…
might as well just get me to do an irish jig and juggle 5 bunnies while i was at it.
but to be perfectly honest, i wouldn’t give up anything in the world to do something meaningful like this for my sister. after all, she’s been helping me do my art and craft since i was 5. i always got A+. hahaha.

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