one fine day…

June 18, 2009 at 10:35 am (med, school, pictures, randoms)

outside my room’s window..

a bouncy castle! or bouncy slide, rather in this case. hahaha it happens quite often at our halls. people will come and set up a huge bouncy castle in our quad. it’s free!
a close-up

time to abandon the notes!

a happy paavo.
we had so much fun bouncing against the wall and pushing each other off the slide.

paavo used the back of the wall at the top to gain extra bounce before going down the slide, and actually hit the loop you see above here that reads JoJos Big Drop, before sliding down backwards. the guy manning the bouncy castle said it’s the first time he has seen anything like that happen on the castle. we laughed so hard that our tummies hurt.

too bad paavo wouldn’t risk his life again for us to capture it on video for the world to see despite our best persuasions. we might actually have made a bit of money off america’s funniest home videos..hahah


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