CHTB – Sunday Story

June 21, 2009 at 1:54 am (life!)

Small Group Games


SAY, “We’re going to play a few games today!”


Before the game:

Hide the hearts around the room. You can even tape them to the wall. Whatever the hiding spots, make sure they’re not too high or too tricky for the kids to find.

During the game:

SAY, “Our first game is called ‘Find the love’. Who thinks they can find some hearts? I’ve hidden many hearts throughout the room. See if you can find one and bring it to me or any of the others leaders.”

When a child brings a heart to you, say “Yeah! (Child’s name) found a heart! Jesus loves (Child’s name).

Who loves you? Jesus loves me!

Can anyone else find a heart?”


SAY, “The next game is called ‘Circle March’. Let’s all stand in a circle and hold hands. We’re going to march in a circle. It will be fun! In our story today we learnt that Jesus loves us very, very much, and that he’ll always go look for us if we get lost.

Who loves you? Jesus loves me.

What? I can’t hear you!

Who loves you? Jesus loves me.

Alright, let’s march as we say, ‘I am one of Jesus’ lambs. He loves me very much’.”

so i’ve been helping out at CHTB for a few weeks now, its basically looking after the 3-5 year olds! i volunteer to help there on a fortnightly basis. they are too cute; golden curly hair, cheeky grins, and they talk to you about anything!

i read to them the hungry caterpillar last week (almost everyone i spoke to remembers reading this book as a kid! i did!), scooby doo the previous week, and something about unicorns and magic tails the week before that (obviously it wasn’t my choice, but i’m in the business of catering to the sophisticated tastes of the clientale)

i actually managed to fit 3 kids on my lap because they were all clamouring to get on. i guess laps >>>> hard floor if you are a kid! hahahah. i thought my limit was 2, but i was wrong.

my favourite kid at the moment is benjamin. he has this HUGE mischievious grin that reminds me of myself in my heydays. (ie when i was 5)


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