a titanic boat party

June 27, 2009 at 2:34 pm (med, school, pictures)

so Beit hall hired for us the largest boat on the river thames; complete with food, dancing, and singing! what’s not to like?

posing just outside Beit, in front of the Royal Albert Hallthe theme for the boat party was Titanic, so everyone was dressed to the nines

the tower of london castle along the way to the pier

high walls and nice green grass!funny catapult thingies and tents around tooour destinationqueuing up to board the boatthe Dixie Queen! with the HMS Belfast in the backgroundaboard the Dixie Queen!

a Titanic like chandelier on boardVictorian furnishingsthe grand dance floor/discothe huge dining room on the first levelenjoying some time outside soaking in the breeze

remi, joe and paavo from left to righton the upper deck. you can see jack to the right of the picture. or rather, the only one who bothered dressing as jack. still, you can’t have too many jacks on the titanic can youthe boat was so huge that they had to raise tower bridge just to let our boat passpeople gathering around the upper deck to see something you don’t get to see everyday!it rises bit by bit! traffic and pedestrians are halted on both sidesand finally! we are able to pass undertourists waving to us from aboveand the guy who’s in charge of raising the bridge tooback inside for food!

paavo looks happy with his food. (it was excellent by the way)further proofso does joe, while charles is more concerned about his hair. hahahathe glorious food on offer. i liked the mediterranean salad!paavo trying to evoke micheal jacksonsizing each other up for a fightanother boat which was about a third the size of ours. still, it didn’t stop them from partying wildly, as you can tell from the upper deck

socks with boats! hahahaha totally matches the theme

the tate modern as seen in the evening glowwith the 02 arena in the background

i bet you look good on the dancefloor;the night lights as seen from the Thames
tower bridge at night! end.


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