one new item added to the “to-do” list this summer

July 12, 2009 at 2:37 pm (randoms)

Russian Cruise Companies May Be Offering Pirate Hunting Cruises

An Austrian newspaper has claimed that Russian cruise companies are offering wealthy passengers a chance to go pirate hunting off the Somali coast.

Wirtschafts Blatt has reported that wealthy tourists are hunting for pirates off the coast of Somalia for the cost of $5790 per day. In an effort to attract pirate attack, the ships are said to cruise deliberately close to the coast at a speed of only five knots. If attacked, passengers have the opportunity to unleash hell with rocket launchers, grenade launchers and machine guns.

AK-47 rental on the pirate cruises is apparently just $5 per day, with 100 rounds costing $12 and just in case things get out of control, a squad of ex special forces troops is on hand.

Russian yachtsman Vladimir Mironov is said to have remarked:

They are worse than the pirate. At least the pirates have the decency to take hostages, these people are just paying to commit murder.


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