portebello market – my 2nd favourite after camden!

August 10, 2009 at 3:46 pm (life!, pictures)

it’s best to visit on a Sunday. the shops will all be open, but the downside is that the streets will be packed

crystals and gemstones!

rocky/eye of the tiger

yummy bread

more yummy bread

even more yummy bread


i can pick vegggg

an impromptu shot courtesy of samuel as i was walking towards him. maybe that’s why i look more smiley than normal

sweet tooth!

unsuccessful attempt at jumping into the picture. nick doesn’t look like he’s quite agreeing with the food..

a very happy samuel

a very happy me

and a very crazy jin! (evoking Dr Octopus i think)

interesting roadside stalls!

picking out toys back for my baby cousins in Singapore

i settled on this handmade wooden jigsaw cum book thingy. (if you notice there are more pictures of me not facing the cam thanks to sam who was my paparazzi for the day! unfortunately i lost all of the original pics on my cam due to my laptop crashing  :/)

this looked really yummy

remnants of the poor hog…you can still see his head! reminds me of lord of the flies.

KGB hats for sale!

street buskers…a very welcome sight in london markets! unlike in singapore



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