Sojourn 2009! We Rocked The Boat!

September 1, 2009 at 4:00 pm (life!, med, school, pictures)

colour-coded freshers


ice breakers…getting to know each other better

darren points out the way

oopsss…someone needs to do a forfeit!

it’s the rain dance!

then it’s time for some wacko

and merry-go-rounds!

flying foxes

and bobs the builders. building our castle for war gamessss

more sand! more water!

and our tower grows taller and taller…

discussing our strategy!

this is the part where we all jump in

well…MOSTLY jump in. hahaha

end of beach games – wet, tired, but HAPPY!

night games! sporting sarah and her camo cat design

someone else obviously got it worse though…hahaha

darren’s awesomeeeeeeeeee-ness

abducting juan boon to complete a task!

namely, to unbury anne! (whom we buried earlier…)

our dressed up arabian princess!

just HOW we managed not to win with this outrageous design….i’ll never find out. hahaha

posing daintily with the fan

the 4 OGLs and our brilliant freshers.

this was part of the amazing race –  at the ROM checkpoint! we had to perform a wedding ceremony with some props. we did a Korean wedding complete with the wedding-crasher twist…plus a gay and lesbian couple ending double twist!

amazing race – clark quay checkpoint.

our amazing dragon push up!

amazing race – Chinatown stop!

we did the rain dance and got an aunty from public to join in with us! darren as you can see is wearing an ultra-cool huan zhu gege headdress this time.. pretty shameless, but we DID finish the race first in the end! hahhaaha. GREAT JOB GUYS!


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