Old pics from the Pulau Tioman dive trip!

October 2, 2009 at 3:00 pm (life!, pictures)

elton relaxing after a dive

me following the divemaster

elton hovering, me blowing bubbles! hahahaah

dive ladder up!

happy at the surface

descent at tiger reef

elton purging his regulator

FUGU FISH! (ok it’s not)

trying very hard to control my buoyancy so i don’t destroy more reef


first encounter with the stingray!

underwater V sign heh



the moray eeeeeeeeeeel.

CO2 bubbles

brain corals

coolio shot of our dive boat. hahahah. i really like this pic!

loads of sea urchin in tioman. prickly!

more fishies

at the surface with a gorgeous view of the beach

jetty to the resort

beautiful sunset! i can sort of imagine Lord of the Flies happening on the island. :]

we saw a whole school of dolphins following our dive boat! like 20! it was a fantastic experience to meet them in the wild.

ready for the next dive

oxygen tanks: the life support below

close up shot of the sneaky Moray eel

the light as seen from deeeeeeep down

a giant clam. sea pearls maybe? (:

light at the end of the tunnel underwater cave

sea anemone

blue fishies

the corals are beautiful;

depth at 5.1m. divemaster playing with a pufferfish. it’s squishy! hahaha

fish are friend, not food!

renggis island

in cooler lighting

final group shot of the dive team. wet, tired, but happy! :]


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