Studying In Style

October 7, 2009 at 7:52 pm (life!, med, school)

Converse Vintage 2009 File A4 Lever Arch
Converse Punk Rock 2009 File A4 Lever Arch

just picked up this 2 Converse ring files from Ryman. slightly extravagant, but i love the design! i didn’t even know that such cool files existed before today; might just be inclined to plow through “Mechanisms of anaemia and polycythaemia”, “Drug-receptor interactions” and  “Introduction to reading a publication and the use of evidence in your scientific and medical practice” a tiny bit more now.

spent nearly the whole day fixing up Ikea furniture! i’d make a handy handyman. hahahaha. the 3 of us (Nick the Cypriot, Jin the Korean and me the Alderaan) are almost nicely settled into our new home now. the complex (St Paul’s Court) in which we are staying at kind of looks like it’s modeled after a holiday chalet, minus the beaches.

there are lots of friendly young families around the estate with dogs, toddlers and bicycles (the obvious link between the 3 here if you are feeling a tad slow today being that one goes on 4 legs, one goes on 2 and one goes on wheels). our house itself is over 2 stories, comes with a BBQ pit, washing machine and a dishwasher; now what else could a guy ask for? (the answer is a HUGE wardrobe, which just happens to be in my room too) i’ll put up pics of my room soon!

off to Brick Lane market this Sunday to get bicycles (:


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