The Brain (feels kinda squishy)

October 20, 2009 at 5:24 pm (med, school)

anatomy session on the cranium, brain and cranial nerves today was really interesting. our group had a good demonstrator, and i got to peel back the dura mater/pick up the brain with my hands; it was surprisingly heavy! (and perhaps not so surprisingly, squishy, a point that all the gore movies on offer should have made to us by this stage)

plus i learnt an interesting alcohol-related fact about the brain too..

(as demonstrator lifts up the top half of the cranium to reveal the brain)

Mantej: hey that’s kinda small for a brain isn’t it.

Demonstrator: yeah, the brain tends to atrophy with age, and this cadaver was probably an elderly male. also, alcoholics tend to have an atrophied brain (as a passing remark)

Me: does it really? *throws Rory a snide look

Demonstrator: yeah drinking alcohol deprives the brain of vitamins, and causes shrinkage and loss of neuronal dendrites. so yes, people who drink often do tend to have a smaller brain.

Me: *still looking at rory. hahahahaha

Rory: damn i’m screwed.

*pauses to think for a few seconds.

well on the other hand Albert Einstein had a smaller than average brain, so it’s clearly not about the size…

“….as people in possession of a small one would generally tend to believe” Dilis ends with a smirk.


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