More Wedding Pictures!

October 29, 2009 at 2:10 pm (life!, pictures)

19092009_AD_0822.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

19092009_AD_0821.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

i like the font haha

19092009_AD_0826.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

my sis made this box herself. talented isn’t she!

sister’s room before the church wedding

living room downstairs

3rd uncle on my mom’s side who’s based in Hong Kong. all the kids (me included) love him coz he always gives us lots of money to get Christmas presents. grandma thinks i look like him, apparently!

my grandma (and all her sons + son-in-laws). she’s so cute hahah. there was this time i gave her money i earned from my tuition assignment, and she was so proud she went to tell all her friends how her grandchildren gave her money. plus i always get free yakult when i visit her! (she has a provisions stall)

dad and mom!

me keeping jeslin,  joshua, and ruby happy by playing Madgascar for them. before which joshua nearly single-handedly destroyed all my maths/chess national trophies won over the years, (kept under the staircase, in the top right background of picture) in a matter of seconds. it’s good to give kids something to keep their attention occupied (:

where exactly is here??? hahah it worked like a charm; their eyes were glued for 2 hours. the movie is so cute! i love king julian! and the pansies

tea ceremony!

they are seated, (i think i was supposed to be kneeling) 

me and sis

19092009_AD_0836.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

at the church! jamie gets her lipstick done

19092009_AD_0847.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

the rings

19092009_AD_0865.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

jamie always seems to have a pose ready haha

19092009_AD_0866.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

and joshua just looks bored

19092009_AD_0875.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

groom and best man waiting

19092009_AD_0846.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

me waiting

6826_145382358900_518063900_2549018.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

and tada!

19092009_AD_0937.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

will you take Goh Hui Min to be your lawfully wedded….etcetc

19092009_AD_0992.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

me leading the call to worship. Here I Am To Worship, i think!

19092009_AD_0883.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

yummy cupcakes at the wedding reception. too bad i didn’t get to try them coz i was still inside organising the ‘photography with the bride and groom’ sessions

19092009_AD_0885.jpg picture by tan_kyhm


19092009_AD_0894.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

wedding photography book, taken in taiwan!

19092009_AD_1194.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

bride’s family and groom’s family

19092009_AD_1195.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

wedding dinner after the church ceremony at the grand old dame, Raffles Hotel

my cousin jeneen! whom my sis looked quite similar to that night. you can check out her excellent blog here.

mom and me

haha jamie drew me an art piece entitled “The Octopus”. so cute!

and joshua already has  his own style, doesn’t he! hahahah


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