York! (was coldddddddd)

December 2, 2009 at 11:02 pm (life!, med, school, pictures)

Singapore Medical Society London (SMSL) recently organised a trip to York for all medical schools within the UK . my decision to join was kinda last minute, but i’m glad i went in the end because i got to meet a number of friends, both new and old!

the loooooooooong 4-hour bus ride from London to York; plugged into my trusty melancholic play list as usual, featuring Snow Patrol, One Republic, Dishwalla, etc!

group photo at the hostel lobby

really cool stained-glass at our hostel (which was top-notch, by the way) allowing you to see the world outside through a multitude of colours.

dinner at this Pakistani restaurant. the naan was as huge as my face! ok maybe two of my faces. if you noticed my hair is wet coz it was pouring outside, and i didn’t have a hoodie.

Me (to waiter): Do you have anything that is non-spicy here?

Waiter: No we do not sir, but i can recommend you a couple of mildly spicy dishes.

Me: How bout this, lamb with potatos, or chicken with herb. Both don’t sound spicy to me.

Waiter:  They are both spicy sir..

Me: Ummm which one is less spicy

Waiter: The lamb! It’s mildly spicy

Me: Alright i’ll take that. Could i please have it very mildly spicy. (:

a few moments later, i’m sweating in a restaurant despite it being 5 degrees celcius outside. i’m a disgrace to Asians.

our guide on the Ghosts of York trail, at night

everyone is enraptured by his tales. he was a great story-teller!

in our bunk at night.. we played Bang! heh

streets of york! already has the Christmas-sy feel about it, doesn’t it?

my best shot of the trip methinks (: taken over this bridge thingy near our hostel

York Minster! a Gothic cathedral in York, England; one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe alongside Cologne Cathedral.

year 2 imperial medics

in the red sweater, my primary school friend Matthias whom i’ve not seen in 13 years! now studying at Southampton, my original university of choice. still recognised him though; although not him, me. according to him, my face back then was much rounder. hahah

beside him is Kep Yong, my friend from Officer Cadet School who DID recognize me, even though i was in platoon 3 and him platoon 1, since i was cadet wing sergeant major back then.

quaint-looking signpost

dawn in York! Henry welcoming the sun standing on top of the city walls

cute little fort on top of a hill

year 2 medics again!

imperial group picture

city trail in the morning. exploring old wallsss

the only thing i managed to absorb from the whole tour: that those cross-shaped slits were where the defenders of the city would shoot their crossbows at the enemy

our boring guide (hope he doesn’t see this)

a funfair in the town centre!

a choo-choo train!

buskers at the town square. quite similar to the acts that i’ve seen performed at Covent Garden in London

Little Shambles: apparently the most visited shopping street in the whole of Europe. was just a 100m stretch of road to me. hahaha it was TINY!

at Betty’s for tea! a certain chubchubs whom i’m very fond of is gonna start drooling. hahahaha

English sconesssss

yorkshire sausages!

smoked haddock with poached eggs

and a breakfast you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the world :]


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  1. Mr & Mrs said,

    I miss the UK already. How did they make that naan so BIG???!

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