Muse – The Resistance Tour at London, The 02

January 20, 2010 at 1:07 am (music, movies, pictures)

being in a mosh pit 3 rows from the front at a Muse concert is pretty intense stuff. i barely survived but it was an awesome evening.

been busy all week with school, (anatomy = zzzzz) but will update about the concert soon coz i have 3 days of school next week!

(edit: 21/1/2009 made good on my’s the rest! hahaha)

back to the 02 once again…it’s been quite a while since i was last here for Snow Patrol!

muse memorabilia!

Ning and Charles sizing up what to get. they settled on the The Resistance Tour t-shirt in the end! although they were extremely tempted by the Flag of Eurasia! hahaha

programme for the night

hyped up for the concert

oh yeah!

the stage set-up

face in the crowd!

the 02 filled to capacity. wait is that a blown up condom at the side of the photo??

yes it is! there were 2 in fact floating around! hahahaha random crowd!

cooooooooool stage concept! the columns could rise up and down too!

as well as project images

that was how close i was to the front! 2 rows from the stage

a laser beam fired from outer space. no REALLY.

One Republic this Monday was just as good, if not better, because i got a SIGNED DRUMSTICK FROM THE BAND! that Eddie Fisher (the drummer) used to play with in the concert. yep, still has all the drumming marks on it! hahahaha sorry, HUGE One Repub fan moment.

pictures plus review of the gig will be up soon! no REALLY.

(…..ok i know you’d sooner believe the laser beam from outer space thingy.)


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